Heat Pump Installation

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Although Florida boasts warmer temperatures year-round, homeowners need to have working air conditioning and heat pumps in their homes. When sudden temperature drops occur, you’ll be glad your home has a functioning heat pump to keep your family warm and comfortable.

Ensure your family’s comfort by calling professionals for heat pump installation in Port St. Lucie, FL. If your heat pump falls into disrepair, your installation company should also provide heat pump repair services. Hawk Air and Mechanical LLC offers comprehensive heat pump and HVAC installation, maintenance, repair, and replacement services—call today.

Heat Pump Installation Services

Hawk Air and Mechanical LLC offers installation services for any type of heat pump. For most Florida homes, air-source heat pumps provide the most effective functioning. These pumps efficiently utilize hot Florida air from outdoors and temper it to warm your home precisely.

Save time and frustration by hiring professional heat pump installation in Port Saint Lucie, FL. While some homeowners worry about heat pump costs, enlisting professionals for installation keeps your home comfortable year-round.

Signs That You Need a New Heat Pump

Below we list some of the most common signs that it might be time for a heat pump replacement.

Reduced or Inefficient Airflow

A healthy heat pump can distribute large quantities of air throughout your home minutes after activating. If the warm air from your vents feels restricted, your heat pump may require replacement. Additionally, if you notice that some rooms feel hotter than others, this could signal ineffective airflow and require replacing your system.

Excessive Moisture Formation

Moisture forming around your vents can be a normal byproduct of heating your home. However, if the moisture that gathers becomes excessive, it could mean that your heat pump is experiencing severe problems. Pay attention to the amount of water droplets that gather around your vents if you notice a sudden increase in moisture formation.

Strange Smells and Odors

Healthy heat pumps won’t make strange noises or emit foul odors. Hissing, whistling, and clanging include some unusual sounds you should not ignore.

If operating your heat pump causes any of these noises, call professionals immediately. Additionally, if you smell strange odors from your vents, your heat pump will likely require replacement.

Inconsistent Cycling

Most heat pumps should function on a routine schedule of heating and rest cycles. However, sporadic functioning represents one of the tell-tale signs of heat pump disrepair.

Sporadic and inconsistent functioning can range from anything as simple as uneven cycling to your system shutting down shortly after activating. Any of these signs are a cause for concern and will require a heat pump repair technician to address them.

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