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Many of us are spending more time than ever in our houses. And on average, even the most adventurous of Port St. Lucie, FL, homeowners are indoors for at least half the day. Despite this homebody trend, it's rare for most people to think about the indoor air they breathe for hours every day.

Unfortunately, it's nearly impossible to keep your indoor air quality high without the right equipment, even when you clean your house regularly. Pollutants and allergens will settle into hard-to-reach areas with enough time unbothered, creating difficult-to-breathe air that can trigger allergies and sickness.

But with help from Hawk Air & Mechanical, you can bring state-of-the-art air cleaning equipment to your house that eliminates toxins from your indoor air. You won’t find higher-quality air purifying tools or more qualified technicians in Port St. Lucie better than ours, so call us today to schedule an installation and boost your indoor air quality.

What Brings Down Indoor Air Quality?

It’s challenging to combat poor air quality because of all the contaminants you must battle. Even without a speck of dust in your home, the most common of indoor air pollutants, there’s still a long list of toxins that can bring down your home’s air purity, including:

  • Mold and mildew
  • Pesticides or other toxic gases
  • Asbestos
  • Carbon monoxide

The pollutants listed above are generally more harmful and harder to combat than dust. For example, mold and mildew grow in the spots you can’t reach, pesticides and gasses can enter your indoor airflow from outdoors, and asbestos might be right over your head without you even knowing.

How to Improve Your Poor Indoor Air Quality

The most reliable way to contend with every hidden threat in your airstream is to use industry-grade air purification equipment. And with Hawk Air & Mechanical, you’ll have access to all the top-shelf gear you’ll need to keep your indoor air quality as pure as possible.

  • Whole-House Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers

    Humidifiers and dehumidifiers are essential for creating breathable air indoors, but for very different reasons.

    Dehumidifiers make indoor air uninhabitable for pollutants. Unfortunately, toxins like mold and mildew thrive in the humid environments, typical during Port St. Lucie’s summer months. A dehumidifier removes moisture from the air and prevents those toxins from growing.

    On the other hand, dust and asbestos circulate more frequently in dry environments, afflicting your household with illness and allergies. Injecting humidity into the air during a dry spell can weigh those pollutants down with moisture, keeping them out of the airstream and out of your respiratory system.

    Whether you need a humidifier, dehumidifier, or both, Hawk Air & Mechanical is the place to go. We offer whole-house versions of both, which will work in tandem to keep the indoor air quality perfectly moist or dry throughout your whole home. You can even adjust the settings to fit your ideal humidity preferences.

  • UV Air Purifiers

    UV air purifiers use UV lights to detect mold spores circulating through the air and eliminate them on-site. While these devices won’t do anything to create a climate that discourages pollutant growth like humidifiers and dehumidifiers, they are an essential defense to kill toxins that slip through the cracks.

    Our technicians have installed countless UV air purifiers in Port St. Lucie homes like yours. Therefore, we know how to set the device up to be at its most efficient.

  • Air Cleaners

    Air cleaners are a form of whole-house filtration that captures whatever pollutants flutter through your air stream. Of all the indoor air quality devices available, air cleaners are the most diverse and essential for creating a healthy airflow.

    Air cleaners are effective against many different types of toxins, including dust, mold, asbestos, and more. And as long as you clean the systems regularly, they’ll stop 99% of pollutants from dampening your indoor air quality.

    Hawk Air & Mechanical has the best air cleaners available, and our technicians will install them for a competitive price. And with a quality air cleaner, UV air purifier, and humidifier/dehumidifier combination from our team, your home’s air will remain in perfect condition against the onslaught of hidden pollutants.

How to Tell if Your Air Needs Help

It’s not always easy to know when your air is reasonably clean and when it needs professional purification since the things that drag indoor air quality down are invisible. However, these warning signs are unmistakable indicators that your indoor air needs help:

  • Musty, “dirty locker room” odors
  • Repeated allergy symptoms, especially in the allergy offseason
  • Indoor humidity levels between 0–30% or 60–100%
  • Visible mold growth or dust buildup
  • “Stale” or irritating air

While many clear signs notify you that your air needs purification, poor air quality is sometimes undetectable. Whether you’re contending with the irritants listed above or you simply want peace of mind, you can count on Hawk Air & Mechanical to make your home pollutant-free.

Why Choose Hawk Air & Mechanical for Indoor Air Quality Services?

At Hawk Air & Mechanical, we care about the well-being of our Port St. Lucie community and strive to display our care through every service we take. We pride taking time in each appointment to deliver the quality you deserve.

Whether you need installation for new indoor air quality equipment or fixes for your existing systems, there is no better team for the job than Hawk Air & Mechanical.

  • Installation

    Air purification equipment might be the best way to keep your indoor air quality high, but your devices are useless if they’re low-quality or installed improperly. With installation from Hawk Air & Mechanical, you’ll receive only the best products installed by Port St. Lucie’s most qualified technicians.

  • Repair

    Even the highest-quality HVAC equipment is not immune to wear and tear. When you use your devices enough, they’ll lose their effectiveness and might stop working altogether. Air filtering equipment is particularly complex, so when it breaks, save yourself the headache of attempting DIY fixes and call Hawk Air & Mechanical for help.

    Our team has seen nearly every HVAC problem under the Port St. Lucie sun. With our experience, we’ll quickly diagnose whatever issues are plaguing your air filtration equipment, bring our technical mastery to your home, and fix the devices so that you can return to breathing clean air in no time.

  • Cleaning & Maintenance

    HVAC problems take most homeowners by surprise and leave them with low-efficiency or completely malfunctioning equipment. But at Hawk Air & Mechanical, we can ensure your indoor air quality devices last as long as possible with our annual preventative maintenance.

    With a maintenance appointment, one of our technicians will carefully inspect every aspect of your HVAC system to ensure there are no hidden issues. If we detect anything during our visit, we will repair it on-site to prevent your equipment from breaking and needing repair.

    Additionally, our technicians will clean your indoor air quality equipment so that the devices continue to keep pollutants out of your house.

With our comprehensive service list, HVAC expertise, and competitive pricing, there is no better team to bring air purification to your Port St. Lucie home than Hawk Air & Mechanical. Call our team today at (772) 224-3138 for a service estimate.

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