UV Lights Installation

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There’s no doubt that an air conditioning system is one of the most crucial features of any Florida home. Without year-round cooling and climate control, Floridian dwellings would be unbearably hot and nearly unlivable.

While cleaning vents and changing filters is easy to ensure sustained air quality, other contaminants remain more hidden in HVAC systems. UV lights installation in Port Saint Lucie, FL, is another critical way to defend your system from bacteria and other organic pathogens.

Trusted indoor air quality professionals in Port St. Lucie can install this technology and ensure your system remains healthy.

What UV Lights Will Do for Your HVAC System

Bacteria and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) thrive in the dark, dank attic spaces where ductwork distributes air through homes. These organic contaminants often grow unseen in this part of your HVAC system, reducing the quality and efficiency of your air handler unit. This growth is especially prevalent in Florida homes as the humidity provides the perfect catalyst for bacterial growth.

Ultraviolet light acts like sunlight, eliminating these pests before they have the chance to grow and contaminate your system. Not only will this improve the quality of the air running through your system, but it defends your air from contaminants that can cause illnesses and exacerbate existing issues.

How to Know It’s Time to Install UV Lights

A few key symptoms might indicate a contaminated HVAC unit and suggest it’s time to install a UV system. For example, if you notice the quality of your air decreasing or a significant drop in your system's efficiency, it might be time to schedule a consultation. Other signs include issues with existing or new respiratory problems like asthma, allergies, or colds.

The best way to identify whether a UV light system in your ductwork would be beneficial is to schedule a consultation with a company like Hawk Air & Mechanical, which specializes in UV lights installation in Port Saint Lucie, FL. As HVAC experts, we can analyze your system, recommend corrective actions, and provide regular maintenance for other features.

UV Light Installation and Maintenance Needs

Considering installing UV lights into your HVAC system might prompt concern about increased maintenance and upkeep to ensure optimal functioning. UV light systems require minor routine maintenance; cleaning the lights and replacing bulbs is essential maintenance your system should receive.

At Hawk Air & Mechanical, our services extend beyond the installation of your UV lights. Not only will we ensure proper installation, but we will also provide routine maintenance to check how they function and perform any necessary replacements.

UV Lights Installation with Hawk Air & Mechanical LLC

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